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Sprinkler Booster Pump Installation

When there is not enough water pressure coming in from the town or city water supply and the pressure is below 60 psi, the system will not run properly and the lawn will suffer due to poor coverage. A booster is required to boost pressure from 60 to 90 psi and sprinkler heads will have a strong spray and cover lawn properly, this will result in a healthier looking lawn and saving water. A basic booster pump will connect only to the sprinkler system, and will run only when sprinkler is on. Also while the pump is increasing pressure for the sprinkler system, The pressure could be lower for the house water depending on water supply size we will evaluate this at time of estimate, Most systems water early morning better if finished before early showers are taken, / Pump will require an outlet to plug in.

Avoid Pressure Changes Install Constant Pressure Pump

Constant pressure booster pump’s are great for boosting pressure for the home as well as the sprinkler system, they are variable speed and only run at a speed requires for the usage. A shower, sink or toilet will run slower and will run faster for the sprinkler keeping the pressure at a desired setting. These pumps will save money and run much quieter which is a big plus If your bedroom is above or near by.

“ Note a 220 volt circuit will be required upon installation”

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